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The Images of CBD OKIE
The Images of CBD OKIE

Anonymous Email Address Creates Original Images for Online Systems

I decided to create a site specifically for the creation and hosting of images for the CBD OKIE domain. This will be an asset that will succeed in hosting images used in the creation of content and offer some additional insights to readers on the intent and purpose of those images.

The importance of images on the world wide web cannot be overemphasized. The fact of the matter is that well created images are the best way to gain ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and the other major searches of the web. Anonymous Email Address, the creator of project sites listed on this blog, is constantly striving for originality both in content and the images produced. Rather than steal others bandwidth, Anonymous Email Address spends time in creating original images, and making them into entertaining, engaging and search engine compatible elements for increased notoriety and presence on the web.


This is also a research project in the works. Anonymous Email Address is not fully convinced that the https format is required on the web as most of the gurus out there talk about. The simple truth is that this site, as well as some of the other sites being constructed are doing quite well on Google. This despels the rumors of the importance and necessity of spending more money to achieve the https ranking.

I learned long ago to NEVER listen to the gurus online. The fact is that most of those who go on public forums and tout claims of expertise and knowledge about Google, do very little other than do just that. After being in the trenches for well over a decade, I learned by hard work and hard knocks that working and good original content is the key to promoting. All of the programming jargon is little more than that.

CBD Okie is the definitive site on Google discussing the pros and cons of CBD and legalized marijuana in Oklahoma

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